West Bengal State Electricity Transmission Company Limited

A Government of West Bengal Enterprise
CIN No. U40101WB2007SGC113474

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Purchase Matters

  1. Procurement of Radio Communication equipment ( VHF Fixed Station & Hand Held Mobile (W/T) sets ) are made so as to fulfil requirements of different Companies, i.e., WBSEDCL & WBSETCL.

  2. Purchase and procurement of 12V / (10+10) Amp. Float-cum-Boost chargers to meet the requirement of every Fixed station VHF equipment.

  3. Arrangements for procurement of various testing Instruments.

  4. Procurement of various electronic spare components, different functional modules of PLCC / VHF equipment, Battery charger both 50V & 12V to meet field requirement for maintenance of communication equipment.

  5. Procurement of PLCC equipment for new EHV S/stations envisaged under different schemes of Transmission Project / Central Planning, are made through the Material Controller, WBSETCL.