West Bengal State Electricity Transmission Company Limited

A Government of West Bengal Enterprise
CIN No. U40101WB2007SGC113474

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Our Mission

We Exist to transmit power from generating stations to load centres through transmission corridors in accordance with standards set down in The Grid Code for the development of the state in particular and the nation in general. We use our assets and resources efficiently, coordinate between Grid Users and ensure Grid Discipline. We receive load forecast from the distribution companies and carry our planning, for future load growth and necessary construction and augmentation of the network and undertake preventive and restorative maintenance. In return we receive transmission and System Operation Charges; At the Present Time we are a reliable, strong and steady organization, but rather slow. We are team workers, methodical, plan for the future, are regimented and hard working. We are long suffering and work in difficult and inhospitable situations;
We shall be stable so that all challenges can be faced, customer satisfaction to be met, and diversification can be undertaken where viable. We shall be far sighted, goal oriented, diligent, efficient, and coordinative, constantly evolving to meet changing circumstances;
We shall do this by providing:

  • Our customers (DISCOMs & OA customers) reliable, uninterrupted and quality transmission of power making optimum utilization of existing infrastructure complying with GRID code regulation. We shall provide a transparent, fair and non-discriminatory access to transmission network. We shall plan and execute projects within scheduled time and cost and provide information on available transmission capacity;
  • Our Employees with clear job descriptions, training, evaluation, and a merit based rewards and promotion system; a congenial, professional and safe work environment; openness in communications; and salaries and other employee benefits comparable to the best in Indian Power utilities;
  • Our Recognized Unions and Associations with the opportunity to be heard and participate in formulation of transparent and fair management policy, consistency of behavior and policy implementation and a commitment to provide employees; welfare comparable to other power utilities;
  • Our Shareholders with a sustainable and viable business; having an excellent public image for safety, delivery and ethical behavior in practices, once that provides a consistent financial dividend;
  • Our Financial institutions with a credible and trustworthy relationship; ensuring timely payments and completion of projects, optimum utilization of fund;
  • Out Economy with a strong network, augmented to meet the changing need of the Nation;
  • All Our Suppliers, Service Providers and Contractors with transparent procurement, contract ordering and award systems, timely payments, correct specifications/standards, and administrative and technical support where required;
  • The Regulators with full and proactive participation for getting sanction and clearances for investments and Aggregate Revenue Requirement, executing projects within approved time and cost, ensuring compliance with, and enforcement of the Grid Code;
  • The Government and CEA with our strategies aligned to their policies as fully as possible; and regular reporting of transmission data for planning or monitoring purposes;
  • The Generators with adequate & reliable evacuation system with a reasonable redundancy plan, and implement preventive maintenance to minimize downtime;
  • The Regional System Operators & other Transmission Utilities with availability and reliability of transmission network, minimizing downtime, quick compliance with instructions to ensure grid security, timely intimation of schedule, and sharing of grid related information on real-time basis; and
  • The recognized media with regular news regarding our business, a knowledgeable single source of information and good ongoing relationships.